Equity Resources Across Campus

Missouri S&T is dedicated to our committment to support all members of our community. There are a variety of resources available across campus to address any inquiries or concerns. For any questions or concerns regarding equity issues, please make contact with one of the offices below. 

Case Management Services - http://casemanagement.mst.edu/
Career Opportunities and Employer Relations - http://career.mst.edu/
Coach/Athletic Trainer http://www.minerathletics.com/
Counseling Services - http://counsel.mst.edu/  
Disability Support Services - http://dss.mst.edu/
Employee Assistance Program http://hr.mst.edu/relations/eap/
Fraternity and Sorority Life http://studentlife.mst.edu/greek/
Human Resources Staff - http://hr.mst.edu/
Human Resources, Equity and Inclusion http://hrei.mst.edu/
Leadership and Cultural Programs http://lcprograms.mst.edu/
New Student Programs – http://pro.mst.edu/
Office of the Dean of Students http://dos.mst.edu/
Office of Institutional Equity, Diversity and Inclusion http://iedi.mst.edu/
Reported Online http://chancellor.mst.edu/diversityandinclusioncommittee/incidentreport/
Residential Life http://reslife.mst.edu/
S&T Police Department http://police.mst.edu/
Student Health Services http://studenthealth.mst.edu/
Student Life http://studentlife.mst.edu/
Student Diversity, Outreach and Women’s Programs http://sdowp.mst.edu/ 
Student Wellness - http://studentwellness.mst.edu/
Title IX Coordinator/Deputy Coordinator http://titleix.mst.edu/